The Collection

Japanese Bamboo Baskets

The Cotsen Japanese Bamboo Basket Collection is the world's largest and most internationally recognized. While basket weaving is an ancient craft, the Japanese developed it into a unique art form in the late 19th century. These baskets reflect both the beauty of Japanese tradition and the sophistication of contemporary sculpture. While most of this collection has been donated to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, California, some pieces remain with the Cotsen Collections.

To purchase books about Japanese bamboo baskets and Lloyd Cotsen's Japanese Bamboo Basket Collection, please click on the titles listed below.

Japanese Bamboo Baskets: Masterworks of Form and Texture
by Lloyd Cotsen

The Bamboo Basket Art of Higashi Takesonosai (Hardcover)
by Lloyd Cotsen and Robert T. Coffland; Photographs by Pat Pollard, Portrait by Art Streiber


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